How To Get Mtn Customer Care Direct With This Short Code


Getting connected to a human agent on the customer care service of many telecom operators in Nigeria can be very frustrating.

Many subscribers have to wait on queue listening to adverts or get several re-directions before been finally connected to a human agent.

Precious quality time is wasted or even in certain cases, phone battery gets drained or the call drops.

This has made so many customers device other means such as reaching out on social media, while some totally ignore the call centers and focus on finding a personal solution.

For subscribers who constantly find it difficult to access the human agents on MTN customer care platform via 180 we recommends these simple steps to follow and get an almost instant connection to a customer care agent.

  • Dial 180 from an MTN line.
  • Press 9 to go the main menu.
  • Press 6 for support.
  • Press 0 to speak with a Customer Care Rep.



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