[Updated] MTN 0.0KB TOTAL Free Browsing Settings (HTTP Injector & KPNTunnel)


This cheat has been released already, but I was thoroughly testing it over and over on different SIM cards to know if it's unlimited or not - so I apologize for the delay! Please note that this is different from the mpulse cheat, and you don't even need airtime or data to start browsing for free. Let's get started now! 


-> You need an MTN SIM card with zero airtime and data. 
-> Strong 3G/4G network. 
-> Download KPNTunnel apk or download HTTP Injector apk (depending on the VPN you like).

Please note that after I tried this tweak on multiple lines, I discovered that it is not unlimited. The first SIM stopped browsing after using 2GB worth of data, while others were capped at 1GB daily.

New MTN 0.0KB TOTAL Free Browsing Settings (HTTP Injector & KPNTunnel)

MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat Settings for KPNTunnel

If you prefer using KPNTunnel for this cheat, you can download it from the link above. After that, also download the 

for this MTN cheat via the provided link, then follow the instructions below:

  • Open the KPN Tunnel Rev app and Settings Icon (it is the third icon found at the top right corner of the app).
  • Tap Config options >> Import and locate the MTN config file you earlier downloaded, then tap on it to import.
  • Tap on the middle icon and tick the SSH Tunnel box.

That’s all Netnobers! Go back to main page and hit the START button. Once it connects, you can now begin your free browsing and downloading with super-fast speed.

MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat Settings Using HTTP Injector

Firstly, use the link above to download HTTP Injector VPN app, and also the And The Config File Below

for the MTN cheat using the given link. Now import it by following these steps:

  1. Launch the HTTP Injector app and tap on the Copy button which can be found at the top right corner.
  2. Next, click “Import Config” and locate the config file you previously downloaded, then tap on it to import.

Now you’re through with the setup, simply tap on the START button to connect. Then your days of total free browsing has commenced.

Please don’t hesitate to share this post with friends and comment down below how many gig you use daily! Keep enjoying and always tell your friends about the best free browsing blog – netnobe.com.ng


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