Man Donates New Apartment To Couple Who Lost Their Hut To Fire (Photos)

A philanthropist has donated a 4 bedroom flat to a couple who lost their hut to harmattan fire in Cross River state. According to reports, the old couple lost their hut last year November after their hut and few possessions were razed completely by fire which started as a result of harmattan in Obudu local government area of the state.
The couple, Mr and Mrs Osobu were not home that fateful afternoon when the incident occurred as the village people met them on their way home to break the news of the tragedy to them.
The news of this couple got to a philanthropist, one Mr Koko Dan who sympathized with them and promised to build a house for them.
Mr Koko Dan has since handed the keys to the four bedroom flat to this couple who have never dreamt of owning a brick house.
This is the second house which Mr Koko Dan has built for poor people of the society. Mr and Mrs Ube Osobu are from Ejagbe village Nkirira Central Ward in Utugwang, Obudu LGA of Cross River State.
Mr and Mrs Osobu pledged to serve Mr Koko Dan as servants for the rest of their life but Mr Koko has refused, and went on to pledge to help them start up a business.


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