How Commercial Sex Worker Was Shot Dead By Gunmen Near A Motel Photo

A Venezuelan escort, 25, was found shot dead and lying in a pool of blood inside at a drive-through sex motel in Cancun.
According to the Quintana Roo prosecutor’s office, emergency responders answered a 911 call at aproximately 8pm local time reporting that Mayerlin Luisiana Maria Padilla Pinango had received multiple gunshot wounds.
Authorities found four bullet casings near a flight of stairs  where she was laying down sideways at the Bombay motel.
The low budget hotel that is located in a residential area charges a rate of $24 to $45 for an eight-hour stay in three of its rooms, including one that comes with a jacuzzi. A full day reservation will cost between $75 and $136.
Padilla Pinango was reported to have fled her native land in hope of seeking better working and living conditions away from President Nicolas Maduro’s repressive regime.
She showed up at the hotel Tuesday night accompanied by an unidentified man, who later fled the scene.


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