Epitome of luxury: See the Top 10 4K ULTRA HD 4K Smart TVs you can buy in 2018


These are the best 10 4K Ultra HD 4K smart TVs you can buy right now if you truly love luxury. Most of these TVs are so advance they come with artificial intelligence (AI) to responspond to your commands, all you have to do is say the word. In this post I have carefully selected the best TVs in the world at the moment. You can’t find a better TV out there than these ones in our collection but know that if you want one, it’s going to sink a big hole in your bank balance. We are starting from the last all the way to the first. You will notice that most of thesse TVs are OLED displays. That’s because it’s the best type of displays out there and it is manufactured by LG Electronics ONLY. Other TV makers buy their OLED panels from LG . Samsung QLED IS JUST OVER-HYPED.

Number 10: VIZIO P Series Quantum 2018:

The US company’s onslaught of 2018 TVs, spread across five series and 19 models announced this year and the most powerful of them all is the VIZIO P Series Quantum, this State-of-the-art TV powerful 4K HDR smart TV built to satisfy even the most demanding viewer. With it’s sleek bezel-less design, expansive range of contrast, depth and brightness with Dolby Vision, over one billion colors for a vivid and beautiful picture and maximize detail in every scene. It also has built in Google support for you.You really should get this beautiful piece of technology for you home. Price starts at $600

Number 9: TCL 6 Series ROKU TV 2018

TCL in case you don’t know is America’s fastest growing TV brand right now like one of the best TVs for the money this year. For the last two years that award has gone to Vizio, the No. 2 TV maker in the US after Samsung but TCL has taken over. the 6 series combines the best smart TV system, Roku TV, with the most important picture quality feature I look for in an LCD TV: full-array local dimming, something TCL calls “contrast control zones.” Not forgetting it’s high-quality home theater picture, especially with HDR (high dynamic range) TV shows and movies.

Number 8: SAMSUNG Curved QLED QBC UHD Smart TV Series

A TV that does it all. Introducing QLED TV, the most spectacular TV yet of its peers. An unbelievably brilliant picture made possible by over a billion colors, producing images you have to see to believe. With 100% color volume thanks to Samsung’s proprietary Quantum dots, picture quality and color volume have been elevated beyond any prior Samsung product. As smart as it is beautiful, the new Smart TV knows what’s connected and lets you control everything with one remote.

Number 7: SONY BRAVIA X93E

With its exceptional 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor, the KD-65X9300E delivers fantastic HDR10 and Dolby Vision enhanced images, as well as superb object-based HDR remastering for all SDR content. It may not have the outstanding black levels of Sony’s A1 OLED, but it arguably provides brighter, more vivid pictures overall. This TV perfectly suits your high standards. Just say the word and voice search will find it quickly. One thing I love about this TV is the GORGEOUS DESIGN.


LG makes a big deal out of its new image processor, which it calls Alpha 9. Said to improve noise reduction, sharpness, contrast and color (the latter with superior color mapping), it’s available on every model except for the B8. With Multi HDR, Dolby Vision and Atmos, Rapid OLED Response Speed for sharp images and metallic bezel less frame giving it a sleek refined design, the LG B7 OLED TV has all it takes to grace the number 6 spot on our list. It is available in 55 inch and 65 inch.


In case you don’t know, The Sony A1 is the Japanese giant’s first 4K OLED TV. This TV pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, colour and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and can handle a variety of HDR formats. Aside from the 4K resolution and HDR capabilities, I’m happy to see another manufacturer taking OLED seriously. Then there’s the design – I haven’t been this excited about a TV’s design in years. It looks stunning, but what impresses further is its innovative speaker-less sound system, which is basically magic. The A1 has no feet. This OLED screen is designed to sit directly on your AV rack or table.

Number 4: LG E8 OLED TV

LG returns to the OLED TV fray in 2018 boasting all new designs and, on most of its new OLED models, a powerful new processing system that LG claims unlocks much more of the potential of its premium screen technology. LG’s 65-inch OLED65E8, arrives with some serious weight resting on its glamorous shoulders. Fortunately for both LG and AV fans, the OLED65E8 raises OLED’s game even further than we’d hoped. The features of this beauty includes
  • Awesome picture quality
  • Opulent and beautiful design
  • Excellent operating system
  • Much improved gaming potential

Number 3: SONY A8F OLED TV SERIES 2018

Given the impact Sony’s debut OLED TVs made on the TV world, AV fans have been impatient to see where the Japanese brand might take the technology next. It turns out, though, that for better or for worse, Sony’s second stab at making an OLED TV series hasn’t really taken taken things anywhere else at all. Screen sizes available: 65-inch, 55-inch. It samazing features includes | Tuner: Freeview HD | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes (HDR10, Dolby Vision (following a future update), HLG) | Panel technology: OLED | Smart TV: Yes/Android TV 7.0 | Curved: No | Dimensions: 1226(w) x 712(h) x 55(d) mm | 3D: No | Inputs: 4 HDMIs, three USBs, RF tuner.


As far as I’m concerned Samsung QLED screen is over-hyped. Samsung’s much-hyped QLED technology suddenly makes sense with the 65-inch 65Q9FN. By combining QLED’s unprecedented brightness and color talents with direct instead of edge backlighting, Samsung has hit on a winning, forward-thinking formula that delivers the best 4K high dynamic range pictures we’ve seen to date. Already up and running is an Auto Game mode which can detect when you’re playing a console or PC game and automatically switch the screen into its fast-responding Game picture mode. This mode can even tell if you’re using your console to play a game or a video app, and adjust itself accordingly.


LG’s billion dollar gamble paid off in spectacular style last year, as its OLED TVs dominated the premium end of the market. A combination of performance, features and some fairly aggressive pricing resulted in LG beating Samsung’s QLED when it came to higher-end models. So, what can LG possibly do next? Simple, just make the best even better. You still get an extensive set of features that includes almost every high dynamic range format and Dolby Atmos sound. New for this year is the design of the TV itself, not to mention the internal components where LG has integrated its new Alpha 9 processor and added some new picture features to deliver a TV that sets the OLED bar very high indeed. This TV is the best 4K TV in the world right now.



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