How To Remove Footer Credit Form Blogger Template Without Redirecting


As Blogger is one of the Biggest blogging platform in the world.There are many Famous template websites like templateify,templateism,goabiyabi  etc. which provide premium stylish templates at very cheap cost. Premium templates don’t contain any footer credit link but in free templates they give credit in the footer.You might have been tried a lot but not able to remove credit of templateify, if you change the name of Templateify then it remain’s same after you made some changes in coding, and if you remove whole credit link then your blogs home page will automatically redirected to templateify home page. On the other hand, if you undo the changes and keep their original credit of their template then it works perfectly.Today I am sharing a simple trick to remove credit link from blogger template and avoid redirection of template to another website or link.

Remove Footer credit From Blogger Template Without Redirecting To any Website


  1. *No need To pay Any money to remove Credits
  2. *It’s simple and easy to do.

There are many ways to remove copyright From Footer

  1. BY Removing javascript
  2. Hiding copyright link via css

Follow The Below Steps For Removing Footer Credits From Blogger

  • First,open
  • Now Login to your Blogger and open your blog.
  • Go to Dashboard Template Edit HTML.
  • Now  find the credit/footer link in footer which you need to remove. Now You’ll find looking like Copyright,or designed etc .

  • Now Add following line with your original copyright ID.
  • style=’visibility: hidden’

    Now  Save your Template and Enjoy

    Conclusion: So, I hope this tutorial on Remove Footer credit Without Redirecting in Blogger helps you. Share your idea/suggestion/feedback related to articles I publish here. stay tuned.


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