Pretty Little Girl With K-Leg Full Of Smiles After Undergoing Corrective Surgery (Photos)


A non-governmental organization, Mercy Ships has shared lovely photos of a young girl with K-leg who recently had a successful corrective surgery.

The photos shared on its page shows the little girl identified as Esther all smiles as she attempts to walk after the surgery. The little girl has now been given a glimmer of hope to take the world by storm.

Sharing the good news, Mercy Ships wrote: “Esther and her mother plan on celebrating when she finally arrives home after 2 and a half months with the #AfricaMercy! After weeks of rehab, Esther now steps into the life she was supposed to live:

  “We’ll all be dancing when we get home, and now my Esther will finally be able to join in like she’s always wanted to!”—Esther’s mother, Mable.”


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