18+ Story:- “She Opened Her Legs And I Balanced Behind Her And Inserted My” (Episode 11 & 12)


 Episode 11 

She stood up, went into my room and after waiting for few minutes, i went in to check on her, she was playing with my laptop, i joined her on the bed and she said, i need you in me, and i know you want me too, as i was about to say a word she planted a kiss on my lips.

I responded but with fear. i reached for a condom and she was too fast for me, she undressed me in 5 seconds, she was desperate, then i stopped her and asked her when was the last time she did it. she said over a year ago. she answered me undressing herself.

Before i could say Jark. she was mouth f*ucking my d1ck already. chai…. She s—-d it like her life depended on it. I grabbed her a-s, smacked it, have always wanted to try it. After watching her spit at the d1ck, lick the pee hole, seconds in and out.

She would jack off my d1ck from the middle to the top in fast jerks; put her mouth at the tip of the d1ck, and try to draw something out of it. it was like she has a candy in her mouth. trying my best to shove it down her throat.

I pulled her up, she climb on me and she picked cowgirl position, as she slowly and gently sit on my rock hard d1ck, she put her pusshy over my d1ck, the warm embrace from her pusshy wall was warm and grip was intense, quite a tight pusshy than I thought.

She wasted no time in bouncing up and down on the d1ck, what a rider she is. she was going faster and slower. I enjoyed the view of her b—-t bouncing up nd down, as she rode with strength and unwavering vigor.

I smacked the a-s again and again. all she said yess oh yesss….. I was on cloud 9, I lifted my back up and supported my body by placing my arms behind me as she continued to ride, she did all the work. her soft a-s began to collide with my thighs and the lower part of my abdomen.

Then she started with a loud sound yes..yes.. oh yes… baby yes.. yesss. I began to shift back slowly, as I was moving backward, I dragged her waist beside me to the back, i grab her b00bs as she continued riding my d1ck like it was a matter of life and death.

Her b00bs were small but no complaint will come from me, after few few minutes. I tapped her, we changed positions and I made her lie on her back, stuffed pillows underneath her, around her belly.

She opened her legs and I balanced behind her and inserted my d1ck, deeper this time. My d1ck was covered in her pusshy juice.

I began to t—-t into her from the back, grabbing a handful of her a-s as my waist hit against her soft backside. It felt good, our body language was fine, she understood how I wanted it and she gave it to me like that, as i was going deeper and
deeper, soon she began to scream… Aaahhhh… yyeeessss, oohhhh yeeaaaa. ouch….yea yea yessssss baby yesssss. I made her lie on the bed on her belly, then I began to t—-t as fast and hard as I could. Then and there is that absolute feeling of pleasure mixed with the sweet in my body. she was becoming too loud.. and yess.. oh god yes oh yes baaaby yes… am coming.. yes baby ohhhh..

I tried to cover her mouth with my hand to muffle down her sound. i f*ucked her, she kept saying yes… ohh yes.. faster.. yess.. faster.. yes baby.. faster, and i did go faster, we both climaxed. i was unable to pull out, but no regrets.
We were still on the bed when she told me how she undressed me the other day she helped me and fell in love with my big d1ck… i had no response. i closed my eyes and slept.

 Episode 12 

I woke up with a strange feeling, a sweet sensation and weird, wow Janet was sucking my d1ck this early morning. i pretended to be sleeping, i couldn’t hold it for 10 seconds, i just held her head as she do her magic.

I opened my eyes to see the day. but my mind could not picture anything other than what was happening between my legs.

She will stroke my d1ck and suck at every bit of my d1ck, put my balls in her mouth and lick it. She was giving the best morning BJob any man can have, it was so tensed that i forced myself not to come, it will be a dent to my reputation, but this lady in the position refuse to stop.

She knew what she was doing and she was good at it. she s—-d the better part of my d1ck out.

I was feeling hungry but i can’t move from my position, she stopped sucking and started stroking my cap slowly, it was on a Sunday… while others were getting ready for church, Janet was making me harder than i could ever be.

She stood up and walk slowly to the kitchen and came back with a cup of tea, we shared the cup and she told me she will be leaving today, that last night was her best F–k ever.

We talked about everything that happened last night from the fight to the s-x and we started talking dirty. she jumped on my and was getting rough, will she rape me? i asked. my d1ck is the sharpest part of my body, always good to go. Was hard in no time. we tried to kiss for few minutes, she sat on my d1ck and used her hand to stroke it 3 times before putting it in her pusshy.

She made it go in…deep down, her a-s was on my thigh as my d1ck was inside of her, she was slowly rising up and down, she flipped her hair to the back and smiled down on me. She was so excited, just smiling, she continued the slow pace and i was waiting for her to go faster.

She enjoyed the tempo, going up and down , riding me forth and back, soon she closed her eyes, her head bent towards the back, her hands were placed on the bed, when i noticed her, i joined her by meeting her with my t—-t.

She started her hmmm, hmmm ooaoh, hmmm, ooaauch, hmmm. i sit up, placed my hands behind her back and drew her closer, she kissed me and rested on my shoulder, and ride on my very hard d1ck good.

I was feeling the inner part of her pusshy, all the walls. i decided to give her something more fun. i turned her back to the bed, i paced my d1ck back in her sweet pusshy, she made a breath like she was going to choke.

I was f*cking her slowly, and she was using her hand to scatter the bed, turning and grinding, making sounds like , hmmmm hmmm ooooorrr, mmhmmm, yes baby, ohh baby, hmmm arrgh baby.

I was enjoying her ringtone, i began to go faster, faster, as i was going faster she only kept on saying yes….yes…yes oohh yes yes… am coming.. am coming …onnnn yeeee… yes….yes…yes oohh yes yes.

She made a little scream and shiver on the bed, i turned her back to the doggy style. i was f*cking janet like i was in anger. she bent on the bed with her elbow on the pillow, and her a-s up towards me… she was saying , aarrghhh aaarrgghhh aarrghh hmm hmm hmmm… Mouth… aasssjhhh…. aarrghhh aaarrgghhh aarrghh hmm hmm hmmm. yes Oohhh. i
I digged dipped and whine my waist inside of her, i continued f*cking her faster and soon i released my all into her her, she just lay flat there quiet, i stood up, went to the bathroom, have my bath.

I heard my phone ringing, i expected her to bring it but she didnt, it ranged again, soon i went into the room picked my phone from the bed, checked the missed call and it was ” Debbie MTN”.

I dropped the phone and heard her sobbing in tears, baby, oh baby what is the problem again, she said my girls are already calling me before she leaves. that i will forget her. i tried all the sweet lies i can think of, until she asked me if i can swear for her huh? swear?


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